Dyspareunia in men

Cristian DELCEA

Department of Advanced Studies in Sexology, Sexology Institute of Romania

International Journal of Advanced Studies in Sexology
Volume 1, 2019 | Issue 1, Pages 53-63 | Published online: 2019

Citation: Delcea C. (2019). Dyspareunia in men. Int J Advanced Studies in Sexology. Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp. 53-63. Sexology Institute of Romania

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Dyspareunia in men refers to a difficult or painful sexual intercourse. Symptoms can be classified as psychogenic, organic or mixed. It generates mental discomfort and sexual involvement absence up to couple issue. DSM V indexes the disease as „Other specific and non-specific disorders”. Somatic examination of individuals with this disorder doesn’t usually prove genital abnormalities. Repeated experience of genital pain during sexual intercourse may result in the avoidance of sexual experience, breaking existing sexual relationships or limiting the development of new sexual intercourses. Worldwide prevalence of dyspareunia in men is 5%. The disorder may emerge from the beginning of the sexual life or begin after a
period of relatively normal sexual function.

Keywords: dyspareunia in men, s-on, therapy, testing, evaluation, sexual disorders

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