INSTITUTUL DE SEXOLOGIE organizează Școala de Vară ediția a XVI a – online

Course Name
"Psychiatry and clinical evaluation in sexual dysfunctions".

Target group
The course is addressed to psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, social workers, doctoral students, students and those interested.

Se face înscrierea pe adresa de e-mail și ACHITAREA TAXEI se face până în data de 28 august 2020.

Loans, 20 CPR
The continuous training course is accredited and credited by the College of Psychologists of Romania (opinion no. RF-II-CJ-128 / 15.01.2013, conf. P.V. 4 of 07.04.2017). 20 credits are granted per participant for the specialties: clinical psychology, psychotherapy and counseling.

Data și Locul
28-30 august 2020, începând cu ora 18, ONLINE pe zoom.

Taxa de participare este de 199 ron până în data de 28 august 2020 și de 280 ron după înscrierile de 28 august 2020. Se achită în Cont bancar: RO45BTRL06701205M34615XX Banca Transilvania, Institutul de Sexologie Cod fiscal: 31030087

Conf. univ. dr. Cristian DELCEA, sexolog clinician și sex-terapeut.

Prof. dr. Eva Ildiko DELCEA

Program of the course

Day I, 28 august, ora 18-20

Opening of the course;
Presentation of participants;
Participants' expectations;
Establishing group rules.

Ziua II, 29 august și ziua a III a, 30 august, ora 10-16

Theoretical foundations - theoretical-experimental approaches

Cognitive-behavioral approach in sexual dysfunctions;
Psychodynamic approach in sexual dysfunction;
The medical approach in sexual dysfunctions.

Theoretical foundations - healthy approaches / categorical pathogenesis

DSM-5 / ICD-11;
International Classification of CMI-10 Diseases.

Clinical interventions - scientifically validated clinical interviews

Structured Clinical Interview for Dsm-5 Disorders - Clinician Version (Scid-5-CV);
Bates Guide to Clinical Examination and History;
DSM-5® Made Easy: The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis;
Taylor-Differential Diagnostic Guide - Signs and Symptoms in Counter-Chronometer Diagnosis;
Interview matrices focusing on sexual dysfunctions;
FAST Guide for FALLOW-UP in the event of sexual dysfunction;
DSM-5 ™ Differential Diagnosis Handbook.

Clinical interventions - testing of sexual dysfunctions

Presentation of psychometric testing platforms in sexual dysfunctions;
Presentation of qualitative tests in sexual dysfunctions;
Presentation of index tests in sexual dysfunctions.

Evaluation of participants

Evaluation of the participants in the course;
Feedback of participants in the course.


John P. Wincze & Risa B. Weisberg (2015). Sexual Dysfunction, Third Edition: A Guide for Assessment and Treatment.The Guilford Press.
Peter J. Fagan & Paul R. McH (2013). Sexual Disorders: Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment. Johns Hopkins University Press

Delcea C., (2011). Psihodiagnostic şi evaluare clinică în disfuncţiile sexuale. CIP DC, Cluj-Napoca

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