Orgasmic disorder in men

Cristian DELCEA

Department of Advanced Studies in Sexology, Sexology Institute of Romania

International Journal of Advanced Studies in Sexology
Volume 1, 2019 | Issue 1, Pages 103-111 | Published online: 2019

Citation: Delcea C. (2019). Orgasmic disorder in men. Int J Advanced Studies in Sexology. Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp. 103-111. Sexology Institute of Romania.

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Orgasmic disorder in men is a delayed ejaculation that occurs in all situations wheremen have difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculation. In most sexual acts there is a marked delay in ejaculation; a marked limitation in the frequency of ejaculation or the absence of ejaculation and orgasm. Worldwide prevalence of orgasmic disorder in men is 4% and can be
maintained depending on partner, stimulation, etc. or regardless partner, stimulation, etc. The disorder may emerge from the beginning of the sexual life or begin after a period of relatively normal sexual function.

Keywords: orgasmic disorder in men, s-on, therapy, testing, evaluation, sexual disorders

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